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smartflower™ Solar made simple / Solar e Power™ Cube 1500
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Smartflower smartflower™ Solar made simple
Simply set up, connect and start producing clean energy

smartflower™ is a fully integrated, all-in-one solar system that can live anywhere. Designed to be a plug-and-play system, smartflower makes solar simple. All it takes is a quick setup by one of our installers and you’ll be producing clean energy for your home or business. And if you ever have to move it, smartflower can be easily packed up and moved to a new site.

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Solar e Power™ Cube 1500  Solar e Power™ Cube 1500
Portable and Renewable Power Source

The Solar e Power Cube 1500 is the ultimate portable power source. Charge up the internal battery with the fold-out and slide-out solar panels. You can also charge with a home AC outlet or vehicle DC outlet. Then run your AC, USB or DC devices from anywhere.
Additional separate solar panels and batteries can be connected for even more power.

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