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Captivate more viewers at your events and beyond.
Gain a competitive advantage with NewTek 3Play.
3Play 3P1, 3Play 4800, 3Play 440, 3Play Mini, 3Play 425
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Videolink Canada - NewTek Elite Partner Venues looking to enhance the event atmosphere and extend their brands online, or broadcasters engaging audiences at home and increasing program exposure—anyone can use NewTek 3Play to make small events look like network-style shows and turn large events into experiences that audiences will never forget.
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New Tek 3Play 3P1

Great for:
End-to-end IP video replay and sports production. Enlighten and entertain audiences, enhancing play-by-play and analysis with live telestration—right from the first replay. With the included NDI® Telestrator Pro technology, you can annotate on screen and roll immediate replays over the network from any compatible networked PC or touchscreen device.
Popular with: Broadcast networks and companies, professional teams and leagues, and large venues.

NewTek 3Play 4800 NewTek 3Play 440
Great for: Producing and delivering stadium-scaled live sports with extensive multi-camera coverage for officiating crews that rely on precise play review and crowd-pleasing viewing experiences wherever fans watch, like, or tweet.
Popular with: Broadcast networks and companies, professional teams and leagues, and large venues.

Great for: Integrating into any location or going on the road to produce live sports with professional cameras and deliver
multi-angle replay and highlights at any speed on any screen—for fans, referees, and social media sharers alike.
Popular with: Regional and mobile broadcasters, colleges and conferences, and mid-sized venues.

NewTek 3Play Mini NewTek 3Play 425
Great for: Growing programs and engaging audiences with instant replay and enhanced visuals, while overcoming tight spaces, tough logistics, and frequent relocation.
Popular with: Producers of remote, extreme, roving, and hard-to-cover sports, high school athletics departments, and satellite production crews.

Great for: Enhancing small productions, at home or away, with professional-quality replay, slow motion, and highlights to attract more viewers and sponsors.
Popular with: Local television stations, teams and event venues, and emerging sports leagues.


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